Dennis Spain

The oldest of five children, Mr. Spain was born in Iowa in 1949 to a father who passionately loved the profession of road building, and a mother who served as an army nurse in London during the invasion of Normandy. After graduating with honors from St John’s University in Minnesota, Dennis Spain attended the University of Iowa Medical School with the goal of doing medical research. Harboring a strong interest in creative writing and with a great leap of faith he dropped out of medical school, leaving behind the sheltered and programmed world of academia to embark on an intense period of self-inquiry, which involved traveling widely, writing, and working in many different fields.

He eventually settled in Hawaii. There his love of medicine resurfaced and he undertook a professional study of Traditional Oriental Medicine. He was licensed in 1995 to practice acupuncture and herbal medicine. In 2001, while watching the fall of the Twin Towers, he began to question seriously his beliefs concerning politics, economics, and the purpose of government. An in-depth study of libertarian political philosophy and Austrian school economics has occupied the past few years, along with an interest in political blogging.

“The Mind of God” is a culmination of the strands of his life to date. He believes that he is the  perfect person to take this special story to the public and subsequently has hand-picked all who have become involved in this film project.

Dennis can be connected via his Facebook page. You may also write to him to his email,